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Schedule of Services and Fees

We believe in complete transparency and want you to understand the value you get when you partner with us. Here is a detailed outline of our services and fees effective September 1, 2021.

Portfolio Management

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Ongoing portfolio management through a Custom Model Portfolio or, utilizing the Preferred Portfolio Services (PPS) Select Portfolio Program* is available on an annual fee basis as outlined in the schedule below. The fee is assessed quarterly, can be negotiable, and unless otherwise agreed is based on the value of assets in the account. In addition to the annual management fee, clients may pay transaction charges, administrative charges, miscellaneous account fees, and charges as described in the PPS Client Agreement and Commonwealth's ADV Part2A brochure. Financial Planning services as described below are included with Portfolio Management unless otherwise disclosed and discussed in advance.

Account Asset Value

Custom Portfolio Fee

PPS Select Advisor Fee*

PPS Select Program Fee*

$0 to $250,000**












> $1,000,000




*PPS Select Clients will pay a total annual fee consisting of an Advisor Fee plus a program fee. The maximum annual fee for certain account size and type may be negotiated. The maximum annual Program Fee and other costs may apply upon termination. The Broker/Dealer, Commonwealth, reserves the right to charge a minimum fee of $35 ($8.75 quarterly), which may exceed the maximum annual Program Fee percentage.

**Minimum portfolio value $500,000 assets under management per household.

Personal Consultation

Personal Consultation


An initial one-hour personal consultation to discuss your current financial situation, goals, objectives, and our potential to work together is complimentary. At that time both client and Advisor have an opportunity to determine if the services offered by Choice Financial Planning are appropriate for your personal situation. Cost, if any, for future meetings will depend on the level of engagement agreed upon.

Comprehensive Personal<br/>Financial Plan

Comprehensive Personal
Financial Plan

A Personal Financial Plan and portfolio analysis is included for Clients in the Portfolio Management program, however, can be made available to other clients on an ala carte basis beginning at $3,000 per plan based on individual situations. This is a comprehensive service providing an in-depth analysis of your financial goals, investment assets and your current ability to meet those goals. Also can include a detailed investment portfolio and asset allocation review with recommendations, net worth, and cash flow summary with budget and other financial planning areas of concern specific to your individual needs.

Single Goal Review

Single Goal Review

Analysis of a single goal, such as Retirement or College Funding, and your potential ability to meet that goal based on investment assets and portfolio allocation, begins at $2,000 per plan for clients outside the portfolio management programs. This includes a review of your current investment holdings relevant to the plan, asset allocation analysis and specific recommendations to assist in meeting your goal.

Hourly Consulting Services

Hourly Consulting Services

On occasion hourly services may be offered in the areas of existing portfolio review and financial guidance at the rate of $300 per hour. This could include asset allocation analysis and portfolio recommendations, cash flow analysis and budget planning, life insurance review, or a variety of financial planning needs appropriate to your personal situation.